About Me

Fellow Food Lovers!

My name is Samiya and yes in case you were wondering .. I LOVE Food!. I love eating it, ordering it, making it, smelling it, seeing it, thinking about it, the list could go on and on. In fact I am eating right now, thinking about the next delicious thing I will eat…I also plan majority of my travels around where good food is located and hiding. 

Growing up in South Florida with parents that came here from Europe, we always made it a point to make a BIG deal about dinner and weekend meals together. I think that comes from our culture and just how our family has always done it. Our get togethers pretty much revolve around where or what we are eating and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Food to me, feels like it is your way to show people how much you care about them, whether it is cooking a whole spread or taking them to your favorite restaurant. Breaking bread with someone is one of the most sincere things you can do, I don’t eat with people I don’t like (if I have a choice). 

I grew up with a lot of Indian and European cooking influences in my house. My parents were born in East Africa (Indian descent) and raised in London. My moms cooking is pretty much the one of the best you will ever have ( as most kids will say-but really mine is) and her food eventually fused with some american flavors after being here in the U.S. for over 30 years. My parents taught me everything I know about how to cook, the beauty of eating out, how to be a gracious host, wines, and everything in between. I’m pretty sure that “Chopped” has been going on in my household since we were kids. My dad would always say ” what can we make with what we have” and made it a fun game for us kids. My favorite memories are in the kitchen with my parents. 

I moved to Las Vegas Feb 2015 and it has been the one of the best food adventures so far! My sole purpose of this blog is to share my love of food with you all, my travel adventures, and any randoms in between. Whether we are eating out or cooking at home, food always feels like such an adventure to me. I have a little one too now, so I am trying to figure that little foodie out as well. So lets eat, laugh, and share a bunch of happy nonsense together! Hope you eat with your eyes as much as I do because I love me a good food pic.

Food is Love ~