BRGR STOP (Coconut Creek, FL)

Come HUNGRY, my first piece of advice… This place leaves no corner unturned. You want a cereal milkshake? Done. Candied bacon BUCKET (yes you also dip this into syrup), why not. Can’t decide between an onion soup craving or a burger, well guess what, there is a burger for that. The menu is every kids dream. Definitely not the joint for you if you are on a diet, but it is worth every calorie consumed, so save this for your cheat day people and go HAM.

Atmosphere is pretty casual, has 2 seating areas with one being outside (TV too btw if you down for some sports action). They have an awesome vibe with really colorful walls. Little bar area to sit as well, serving up some craft beer. Feels like the kind of place you could be a regular at and they would know all your favorites. If I could describe it in total, maybe like gastropub meets truck stop. Definitely unique.

Ok on to the FOOD. Here is what we got…

Frito bag chili and cheese: Chili cheese nachos basically w/ Fritos, served w/ sides of sour cream and jalapeños. I loved it lol, I make it at home now. Fritos are one of my ultimate favorite childhood chips.

Candied Bacon Bucket: this is a must and served w/ dipping maple syrup. It’s true and pure heaven. Cooked to perfection

White Truffle Macin Cheese Balls: Roasted garlic, cheese asiago, tomato jam cream sauce.

Fried Peanut Butter Balls: holy beauty. Served w/ Nutella and cold shots of fruity pebbles cereal milk, another must.

Captain Crunch Chicken Sammie: fried chicken that was battered in captain crunch, house made sweet sriracha, lettuce, tomato, onion. This sandwich is on the sweeter side but a nice twist.

Jalapeno & Cheddar Sausage: The highlight here is those beautiful balsamic glazed onions and fire roasted peppers. This was delicious.

Miss Cheesious (grilled cheese): Gruyere, white cheddar, brie, arugula, caramelized apples, tossed in honey and black pepper. HOLY Cheese. This was a bit messy not going to lie but the combo of the sandwich, which was more on the sweet side with the tomato basil soup that it comes with, was a delicious bite.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (craft burger): Yes they legitimately put PB&J on a burger. This baby is RICH. I would have never thought to put these things together but it works. Just beware, it’s filling. Maybe share this one lol.

The Mac Daddy (craft burger): This was one of my favorites, candied bacon, jalapeño havarti cheese, a mac n cheese patty, root beer sriracha BBQ sauce. Its as good as it looks and sounds. Something about a burger w/ mac n cheese sings to my heart.

Le Magnifique ( french soup burger): gruyere, caramelized onions, fresh brioche bun w/ house made dijonaise. It truly tastes like your eating French onion soup.

Big Ass Pretzel: wait until you see the picture, it literally is huge and served w/ the BEST dipping sides of cheese sauce and mustard.

Milkshakes are a musttttttttt, if you learn anything from this post, it is order the milkshake no matter how full you are. You will not regret it. We got the Fruity Pebbles and its divine, like life changing.

So as you can see, the options are endless! Start 2017 with a bang and go BIG people. This place is not your average burger joint. A lot fun with the menu items and spins on classics. I wish I could expedite ship a milkshake to my house daily. Thank you at BRGR Stop for having us! looking forward to more clever and jaw dropping food from this awesome place.

Enjoy the eye candy below!

~CFG <3

Fried Peanut Butter Balls
Jalapeno and cheddar sausage
Candied Bacon Bucket, I died.
French Onion Soup Burger
Captain Crunch Chicken Sammie
Yup, I loved it.
Mac Daddy
This Milkshake brings everyone to the yard.

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