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Dear Publix

Dear Publix,

I think it is fair to say that it’s really difficult when you move. Just in general to adjust to your new surroundings, learning directions, making friends, the whole nine. Over time you start to adapt and things get easier and you start feeling more comfortable. I moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago and although I don’t consider this my “home” I have certainly built a mini life out here with my family. Daily routine has gotten easier and I have made some friends. I feel pretty good about my life here but there is one lingering thing that I cannot seem to shake…

I cannot find “my” grocery store. I mean people; it has been 2 years and I still feel like a complete lost soul at all the grocery stores here? It is like nothing will ever be my Publix. For all my Florida family, you understand where I am coming from; “Where shopping is a pleasure”. And that is what exactly shopping at Publix is like. The isles make sense. You have your organic sections including the Greenwise brand. The deli staff knows your families, they even ask how work was, and know that you definitely want a sample of all your meat and cheese selections. I can’t even get into the Publix sub, breaks my foodie heart that I can’t grab these anymore. Seafood is fresh and the poultry is always being replenished with new selections. I sincerely and whole -heartedly miss MY grocery store.

I know I am probably that cliché person who talks about all the great things back home but I can’t help it. The Grocery stores here are just so unimpressive in my opinion. I find myself going to Sprouts for deli meat (Boars Head) and poultry/produce. Then Target for everything else just because it is next door and has more of your every day items/ snacks. I also admit I have a target card so I like to get my extra discount off what I can like water, kid snacks, cereal etc. Vons is closer to me but is so hit or miss and to be honest I just don’t like the vibe. The poultry also always looks like its 2 weeks old and the deli counter is not my favorite. Smith’s confuses me with its product placement and the random area of crap in the back (seriously what is all the stuff?). Yes they have Boars Head meat but the rest of poultry again, I think looks unappealing. Whole Foods is not an everyday grocery store for me after I had my little one. It just becomes too expensive.

If you’re an east coaster then Albertson’s you can’t even stomach. Not too mention the one by me (the closest out of everything, yes I can throw a rock literally) hikes the prices so significantly it’s insulting. They happen to be the only store really out in Anthem Highlands area that’s convenient. Trust me, I am not just being bratty. I have given it several chances a long with the rest of these stores and just find myself still going to 2-3 different stores just to get a weeks worth of groceries. To try and put it in perspective, you know when you go shopping at the mall and the store is jam packed with racks and feels  like disorganized chaos. That is what going to some of these places is like for me. I get overwhelmed and I bail.I do love Tader Joes, but like sprouts I can’t really get everything I need in one place. That is my main issue. I cannot get everything from one store. I have to bounce place to place to feel satisfied.

I did visited Glaziers today and it may have been the first time since moving here I thought “Ok this could work”. Let me not leave out that it is almost 15+ miles from my house. Sigh. On a positive note, It had a great selection of deli meats, a great butcher section, bakery was massive, and an organic section. The space itself is pretty big but I could not understand the lighting in here? It was like bar lighting. Really bizarre… My other complaint was it claimed to have the best prices on certain items and while the poultry seemed great, the produce was definitely more expensive then sprouts, frozen section prices were high, and the wine was way overpriced. For example a Rosé I buy at Target/ Costco $12.99 and here it was $19.99. I will say it seems like a grocery store that you could get everything at. That is the key right? Maybe that is the price you pay for convenience. Maybe I just am not familiar with any of these options and therefore can’t settle into one. The only thing I do know for sure, Publix I truly miss you.




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