Dirt Dog LV

Since when did making hot dogs “fancy” become a thing? More importantly, why did this not happen sooner ? Dirt Dog LA has infiltrated the Southwest and made it a better place for all you hot dog lovers out there. ¬†I have been to a few good places here in Las Vegas (Dog Haus is another goodie), however I have not experienced such great dogs in conjunction with great sides AND dessert. Now just to give you a baseline, I only go to Home Depot with my significant other if I can stop at the Sabrett stand. Truth. In fact, I like Lowes better ( sorry Home Depot) and would only go to Home Depot instead to get a hot dog. Do I make hot dogs at home? Never. There are only a few occasions when I eat them, but this place has me wanting more hot dogs in my life.

We had:

The Mutt Dog: 1/2 red (spicy tomato chili sauce, chipotle aioli) and 1/2 green (chimichurri sauce, guacamole spread)

The Patty Melt: melted cheddar fries, chipotle aioli.

The Dirty Chili: house made all beef chili, melted cheddar bacon

All SO Juicy and flavorful. First, let’s just say that the Patty Melt kills two birds with one stone. I mean fries already assembled on the dog? Thank you Dirt Dog. My favorite was the Mutt Dog, which was ¬†surprising to me because I LOVE chili. The flavor combo of the chimichurri and the spicy tomato really delivered.

The highlight for me personally was the corn. I want to establish I do not love corn on the cob. I did as a kid and it is just not my thang any longer, unless I am eating it here… The Corn is SO GOOD. I could turn into a regular. Thank god I don’t live closer or this could be an issue. But wait, I cannot forget the fries!

The Dirty Corn: grilled corn topped with mayo, cotija cheese, cilantro, bacon bits & chili Powder
+Served with Slice of Lime.

Secret Menu Item: Red Corn, Chipotle Aioli, served with slice of lime.

Filthy Fries: 3/8″ Cut Skin on Fries topped with guac, chipotle aioli, cotija cheese, melted cheddar cheese & bacon bits

Dirty Chili Fries: I’m guess I don’t need to summarize this?

So far the fries, corn, and hot dogs were all impressive enough and then they roll out the dessert. Just some fried oreos and House made horchata ice cream served with made to order churro. Dessert was divine. I really enjoyed this place. It had a fun atmosphere, good music, awesome staff. I even had my toddler with me and they were so super sweet to her. It is completely family friendly. I mean your kid might walk out singing Ganster’s Paradise, but technically… isn’t that a win for us all?

Check out the menu, food pics below and let me know what you think!

~CFG <3

Dirt Dog LV

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