District One Kitchen and Bar LV

There are SO many restaurants ( and excellent ones at that) in Chinatown. I get so overwhelmed by the options but I think we did good when we ended up at District One. It was also double the fun that Snow White Shaved Ice is in the same plaza. We had a great spread at District One. I actually came here while I was doing an Instagram Takeover for “Vegasdining” account, which you should follow for your Vegas dining needs.

Service was good, place is a cute bar-like atmosphere. Little dark inside but overall cool. I did have my toddler with me so it was somewhat of a struggle to enjoy it fully but it is what it is. At one point I let the little devil out of her chair and she knocked over a porcelain cup that was on the ground ( part of the decor and can not be the first time that has happened). They did not look too happy when I apologized and I soon came to the conclusion…maybe not the most kid-friendly place. Which is a bummer but they can’t all be.

Food we ordered:

Belly Buns: Braised pork belly, cilantro, peanut ( LOVED)

Whole grilled squid: grilled togarashi pepper, spicy aoili (was great flavor, wish it was more tender but I have had a lot of good Octopus lately)

Fish Tacos: sashimi yellowtail, avocado, cilantro, cherry tomato, serrano pepper. (LOVED)

District One Rice Combo Platter short ribs, fried egg, Chinese sausage. (LOVED)

I loved the variety and the food was all cooked pretty perfectly. The combo platter is definitely enough to share. The short ribs were tender and the chinese sausage is sweet and tangy. Fish tacos were light and packed the punch. Prices were good, waitress was nice. I didn’t have much to complain about but next time I go it will be sans the kiddo. Check out some food porn below and let me know what you think!







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