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Enlightened Ice Cream

Want your cake AND to eat it too?


Enter the new phenomenon of low calorie-protein ice cream! I was pretty excited to try this. Sometimes you’re doing really well on your diet but you want to feel like you can indulge without the guilt phase after. I had the opportunity to try a bunch of the flavors courtesy of Enlightened.

So here’s the low down, yes you can tell it’s not the regular ice cream you are use to. I can also definitely tell it has protein powder in them because it has that “aftertaste” but to be honest after like 3 bites I couldn’t taste it that much (LOL).

My favorite flavors were the frozen hot chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chip. I was truthfully less into the vanilla based flavors. However I thought overall it was a great treat to hit that sweet tooth sans the guilt. Feel free to check out the website below for a list of all the flavors they offer.

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