Libertine Social Mandalay Bay

Libertine social is a combination of both large and small plates. I would say a great spot to share food, you can get a good variety. American/ Gastropub menu by James Beard Award-winning chef Shawn McClain. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, it’s certainly trendy w/ beautiful decor. I like how each dining area’s decor differs. You can eat in the bar area, formal dining, or outside. Service was excellent as well. Our waiter knew what was popular and made some great recommendations. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the photo booth located in the back by the bathrooms.

The food in my opinion lived up to the “new American bar food” theme. We ordered the;

MODERN FRIED EGG (my favorite- Winner)
sweet corn, american sturgeon caviar & brioche

SUMMER CORN AGNOLOTTI (Rich and great texture)
chantrelles, mascarpone, brown butter

STRAWBERRY GAZPACHO (I wish the broth was tomato based but it was a nice twist)
king crab, avocado puree & hearts of palm (3 ‘shots’)

MARINATED AHI TUNA CONES* (not impressed at first bite, but you need to get the bottom sauce in when you take a bite to get full flavor profile)
whipped pink peppercorn and creme fraiche

FOIE GRAS MOUSSE (not impressed but enjoyed – I love foie gras and it was good, I just was expecting more considering the lineup we had.)
mostarda, country toast

crispy thigh, roasted breast, a truffled potato


I really enjoyed the Bronzino and Chicken dish, they were cooked and executed extremely well all around. The truffle potato puree, I wish I could buy by the jar. The modern fried egg was DEVINE. Creamy goodness inside and dipped with a great toast stick. Something to be said about a piece of toast that is toasted to the perfect doneness.

I wasn’t particularly fond of the texture of the Tuna and Foie Gras, just slightly too “creamy” for my likes but the flavor overall I thought was spot on. I do realize the cone and toast in both were the textural components but I needed something to cut the richness too, IMO. The meal was paired with awesome wine and company. We had dinner here just before checking out Michael Jackson’s ONE Cirque show ( skip it).

Here is some eye candy for ya!!! Enjoy 🙂 Menu link below as well.

Libertine Social Menu

img_0251 img_0250 img_5779 img_0252 img_5912img_5819img_5786

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