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Making the best of your leftovers!

1 thing I LOVE: Leftovers

1 thing I HATE: Wasting food.

So I made salmon last night for dinner, just baked it 275 for 15 minutes (low and slow for this kind of fish). I really enjoy how versatile salmon is and especially love when I have leftovers because it’s great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Which leads me to my amazing breakfast this morning.

I scrambled eggs w/ spinach and zucchini. Placed that over a piece of toast, topped w/ my leftover salmon and sprinkled with dill, creme fraiche, and Sriracha. I have this major obsession lately with dill and Sriracha. I  probably put it on everything.

Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. I love jazzing it up with whatever leftovers I have. For example, Fried rice… Umm, EASY! Put an over easy egg on that bad boy with sautéed vegetables. Breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional so you can have fun with it! Remember you deserve to start your day out like royalty. Set the tone and spoil yourself.


Food is <3



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