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Recess Italian Ice, LV (San Jose Location as well)

Go here. The end. Just kidding… but on the real, this is a really cute and yummy dessert spot to check out. They have a lot of fun flavored Italian ice + soft serve. The combos are endless, in addition to boba tea! But back to the combos because they have cooked up some CRAY CRAY combos that are super whimsical and reminiscent of childhood dreams. I’ll just name drop a few:

Root Beer Float: Root Beer Ice + vanilla Custard, Topped w/ condensed milk.

Jolly Rancher:  Sour Apple & Watermelon Ice + Vanilla Custard

Horchata Crunch: Horchata Ice, topped w/ cinnamon toast + caramel sauce

My FAV: Mangonada: Mango ice with Chamoy Sauce and Tajin.

They have SO many more I could go on and on… or just click on the menu link below/ check out there instagram profile.

You want it on a cup? Done. You want it in a cone? Done. You want it over dry ice.. Done. They have toppings galore as well. Recess lets you create your own dessert masterpieces all while encouraging the creative child in all if us. This is a really fun place, family friendly, and something for everyone. Recess in session kids.

Recess Ice Menu

Make life sweet again, Food is <3



They make w/ Italian ice
They make w/ Italian ice

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  1. I was going to tell you about the Chocolate Cheerios, but looks like someone already did. My daughter is the chocolate lover, but I'm starting to crave it more and more as I get older. Tr..elbou. 🙂

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