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Spindrift – Perfect Mixer?

Spindrift – Perfect Mixer?

The lowdown on Spindrift is that it’s sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Real fruit and real farmers behind the brand. No sugar added and no artificial flavors. They have a mountain of flavors and it legitimately might be my new favorite mixer. I was a vodka-soda girl in college but I feel like I got bored and abandoned it for some fancier “adult” cocktails and wine BUT enter Spindrift ….. and I’m back in business. They have a pretty nice array of flavors. I realize this may not be the “healthiest” plug and trust, this beverage is such a better options when it compares to other drinks. However, it is how I honestly like to drink it (insert shoulder shrug).


Raspberry-Lime (Margarita what?)

Orange-Mango (My fav)




Grapefruit (My 2nd fav)


For me also, it gives me that soda satisfaction without the other yucky stuff. I love mixing the flavors and coming up with fun combos. The website has a pretty cool “Mocktails” section which I thought was a nice touch. Needless to say if you are a sparkling fan this might be your jam. Oh and by the way… all of them are UNDER 20 calories.



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