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Subscription Box Obsession – Ellie box

Seriously I have SUCH an obsession with monthly box subscriptions. I recently was able to get my hands on Ellie Box! So Ellie sends you 5 items for your active lifestyle. For the most part you get a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris and an accessory and a piece of equipment. The say they can “substitute the accessory with another top, or the piece of equipment with a bag, but you’ll always get the three initial items”.

Talk about motivation and looking forward to a workout (which is exactly what I need). I’m not exactly a “go-getter” when it comes to working out so this was a fun way to get myself excited. I thought the clothes were good quality, although I didn’t love the top so much on me. It was a little baggy so I tied it on the sides. The capris were comfy and so was the sports bra but sturdy enough to make me feel supported. I really loved the accessories too, ab roller and the chilling towel. I live in Vegas so the chilling towel was MAJOR key.

So how it breaks down process-wise:

3 days to preview the box and choose to skip if you want

3 items for $39.95

5 items $49.95

I attached the link below! Check it out if you are a box enthusiast like me <3

Ellie Box



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