The Halal Guys

I love the story of the Halal Guys. They started as a hot dog cart in New York City and have since grown to over 25 carts and more then 2 actual restaurants. Recently they opened the very first Las Vegas location up in Chinatown, expanding nationally and globally.  I really dig the food here. I’ve heard mixed reviews of some taste testers saying they think the place is overhyped, but I basically came to the conclusion that if you appreciate the way they serve the Chicken and Gyro meat (ground) then you will love this place. If your into more meat/bigger chunks then maybe you may find other places more preferential.

I, however, LOVE the Halal Guys. That white sauce is addicting and the red will burn your face off but yet you can’t stop going back for more (is that healthy?).  Regardless, it’s pretty bomb. You can do a platter or sandwich and they have great sides such as hummus, fries, tahini, and even baklava dessert. I really love some good casual dine in/ take out and this is my jam people.

I like doing the combo platter, half gyro and half chicken. My taste buds say yes to Halal Guys. Its get pretty busy in there but nothing  like the hour lines in New York. Seating is limited as well, I mean look, this isn’t Cleo at SLS. Just be prepared to maybe sit outside or take it to go. Check it out!!!

Enjoy Food Porn Below…

~CFG <3


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