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Top Golf LV

The Top Golf mania has arrived in Las Vegas and as far as overall experience, I am buying in. I was really excited to check out this place and it certainly was as fun as I imagined it would be. However, it was definitely not  Granted we had 4 people and did dinner, drinks and had our bay for 2 hours.

When I had asked someone what it was like prior to going, they said it was sort of like bowling but for golf, which to me was exactly what it felt like, but with better food. We got some great grub, I had many “Tipsy Palmers” AND it actually made me think I could go out and golf after and possibly enjoy it. The place is impressive and I am really looking forward to watching some football there when football season starts. They have a lot of TV screens, and classic tailgate games available on level 2. Level 3 has a Pool, full bars, music. Levels 1&2 are apparently “family friendly” while level 3 is 21 and over only. The place has a pretty fun vibe for sure and I love how they digitized the game for the non avid-golfers. It felt like a really fun game that was understand to a rookie.

The negatives: HOLY prices, I mean 75$ PER HOUR after 5pm on the weekends, Level 3 is 90$ per hour… and to be honest we did level 2 because I really c couldn’t find much difference besides the pool and it was not like I was going in it- so it pretty much didn’t matter. Level 2 was not packed full of kids and families but you definitely saw some. I don’t see why anyone would pay that much more going to the top unless it was so you could hang by the pool or grab a Cabana (500$ BTW). Also big bummer, no locals discount. I can’t see this place staying at packed as it is now long term with the pricing to be honest. I won’t lie though, I had a blast.

Food was definitely decent, We got:

CRISPY ROCK SHRIMP 14 Apple celery slaw + Asian aioli ( my least favorite -still good)

TOPGOLF WINGS 13 Succulent chicken wings glazed in your choice of: Mango Habañero, Asian Sesame, Buffalo, or BBQ sauce ( My favorite)

SEA BASS SLIDERS 15 Cottage dill rolls + remoulade + tomato jam + butter lettuce + salt & vinegar chips

CAESAR SALAD 12 Romaine & Tuscan kale +black garlic dressing + herb lavish ADD: Marinated grilled chicken 4$

INJECTABLE Adult DONUT HOLES 15$ 24 cinnamon-sugar dusted donut holes. Choose 2 flavors: chocolate, raspberry jelly or Bavarian cream (beware the booze filled ones are strong AF)

TIPSY PALMER 12 Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka + ABSOLUT Citron Vodka + iced tea + fresh lemon

Overall, I absolutely loved the experience. I appreciated  how easy to was to eat and get drinks and play all in one spot. The VIEW by far was the most incredible aspect and the service was great. I just don’t know often I can drop 400$ on a “night at the range” lol. If you haven’t gone, GO. Its definitely one you will want to experience here in Las Vegas.


Enjoy some pics and here is the gallery link so you can check out the views and levels! unfortunately I lost some pics I took :/




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  1. LOL! I know the feeling! (Do you ever ask yourself how you find the time to blog? I do!) We have a stack full of papers on our kitchen peninsula with a film of dust on them. BTW, my hubby chuckled when he noticed that he had &qqlo;oiked&uutt; your FB page inadvertently 🙂

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